Success Stories from Our Clients

Chiropractic Health - Hartford, Slinger, Allenton, Hubertus, Wisconsin

Our goal – that you feel great!

Our success is measured by results – that our clients really feel an improvement and have relief from whatever  pain or ailment they have been suffering from.   Below are just a few notes from some very happy clients.

  • I suffered from numbness/cold hands for a couple years, I do a lot of physical labor and need my hands. I heard about Dr. S but I was skeptical on chiropractic. After trying PT and meds, I wasn’t seeing any improvements. So i decided to give Dr Schepp a try. I noticed an improvement after just one adjustment, after a couple weeks the numbness/coldness in my hands were gone.

~ Mick P

  • I suffered from low back pain that radiated down my leg, it interfered with my sleeping and performing my daily activities. While I was pregnant with my second child. a friend recommended Dr. Schepp. I couldn’t believe the results, my pain was instantly decreased, and the birthing of my daughter was so much faster and easier.

~ Stacy L

  • My son, who is 4yr old, saw Dr. Schepp because he was constipated.  We tried a couple things before going to Community Chiropractic Center but weren’t getting the results we wanted. After a few adjustments his bowel movements were regular.  I cant thank Dr. Schepp enough.

 ~ Sara M